An American Welcome: Handcrafted Furniture for Reception Rooms

Here at DutchCrafters, we’re proud of our ability to bring solid American furniture from our woodshops out to businesses, resorts, and offices across the length and breadth of the country. Whether you’re creating a relaxed waiting area, an executive reception room, or simply looking to add an informal meeting space to a larger office, our woodworkers are able to craft something to exactly meet your needs.

Plus, every single piece that we sell is completely manufactured right here in the United States. Our craftsmen have no time for cut corners, veneers, or imported materials – like us, they believe in the value of an honest job done well. This dedication to quality and to the communities around us is woven into every inch of our furniture, and it’s this deep warmth and inviting quality that gives our reception and waiting room pieces a warmer welcome than anything else on the market.


Take A Seat: The McCoy Sofa



If you’re on time, you’re late – it just makes sense to give clients, visitors, and patients somewhere comfortable to pass those short minutes between their arrival and their meeting with you or your team.

The McCoy Sofa provides an ideal space for this, with its exquisite, fully-finished frame providing a relaxing experience without pulling anyone back into overstuffed cushions or sinking seating. The solid firmness offered by this solid wood masterpiece gives just enough without sacrificing on comfort.

Like all of our upholstered pieces, the McCoy is available in your choice of fabric or leather. A supple brown leather gives this piece an inviting and airy tone, while the same material in black transforms it into a stark, executive piece.

No matter what your space needs to shine and invite in style, our craftsmen can customize the McCoy to epitomize it.

Two’s Company: The Modern Shaker Lounge Chair

shaker chair

The perfect accent takes the form of a piece that adds both balance and comfort: an upholstered lounge chair. The Modern Shaker’s fully-finished solid wood frame creates a space that’s comfortable without appearing at all out of place in a professional context. Whether paired with a sofa (like the Moon River Mission Sofa, shown above), a settee, or more lounge chairs modeled in a similar style, the Modern Shaker’s versatile look and feel ensure that it has the ability to complete a room without distracting at all from its focal point.

The Modern Shaker Lounge Chair, like all of our upholstered lounge chairs, is built exclusively to order in your choice of wood, stain, and fabric or leather. With a warmer, red-toned stain and brown leather, the Modern Shaker looks inviting and traditional; styled with a darker wood and black or dark brown leather, it becomes an exquisitely contemporary piece. We’re happy to send out samples of any fabrics, leathers, or woods prior to construction to make sure the colors and shades are exactly right for your design.

Start the Conversation: The Carlisle Coffee Table

Carlisle Coffee Table

A good coffee table inspires great conversation. This is the piece that ties everything else together, and we couldn’t be happier with the wide selection of reception-ready pieces our craftsmen offer. The Carlisle Glass-Top Coffee Table is one of our customer favorites, with its simple circular shape and airy glass top -- providing just the right mix of contemporary refinement and traditional warmth. With its small footprint and charming display for magazines or décor, it’s easy to see why the Carlisle is loved for its ability to seamlessly unify a room.

Shown here with our Countryside Mission Lounge Chair, this piece is available in an astonishing range of woods and paints. Our design specialists are well-versed in all of the finish packages for this and other pieces, and they would love to discuss them with you.





The Perfect Finish: The Hancock Shaker End Table

End tables are the finishing detail that brings everything together to create a perfect reception area. Feature din the first photo, the Hancock Shaker End Table is more than just a home for that perfect lamp or plant – with a distinctive bottom frame, a beautifully understated top, and a clutter-busting drawer, this is an end table that wants to bring both substance and style to your space. Its solid wood frame lends the Hancock Shaker a level of strength, stability, and durability that means no matter how long its serves or how many people meet it, this is an end table that won’t lose its beauty or integrity.



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