The DutchCrafters Best Seller - Shaker Ladderback Dining Chair

Since 2003 DutchCrafters has been the leading Internet retailer of Amish made furniture.  Our wide variety of finely crafted, American made, solid wood furniture includes over 5000 pieces for the bedroom, dining room, living room, office and outdoor.  Of all the Amish furniture that we've sold over the years, our all-time best seller has been our Shaker Ladderback Dining Chair.

Shaker Dining Chairs emphasize functionality and simplicity

An American made, handcrafted Shaker dining room chair is a thing of beauty - noted especially in its simplicity of design.  Shaker chairs originated during the Shaker movement in American during the 18th and 19th centuries.  Foundational to the design were clean lines, functionality and its sturdy, robust character.  A Shaker dining room chair is comfortable and durable - emphasizing utilitarian values that were so characteristic of the spirit of American Shakers.

If you're looking for a Shaker dining room chair, you'll find several variations in style at DutchCrafters.  All of our Shaker chairs are made from solid hardwoods - oak, cherry, maple and others - are are carefully crafted by the Amish of Pennsylvania and Ohio according to time-honored traditions.  In fact, your Shaker chair will be made much in the same way as the original Shaker chairs were made centuries ago.

Shaker Dining Room Chair & Ladderback Dining

Ladderback dining chairs in the popular Shaker style

Shaker chairs can feature either vertical or horizontal slats on the chair back.  Of those that feature horizontal slats, many are ladderback dining chairs.  A ladderback dining chair features horizontal slats that resemble a ladder - usually a series of three or four slats with a simple, minimalist design.  Ladderback dining chairs are popular because of their comfort and their near-universal adaptability to a variety of home decor.  With a solid wood ladderback dining chair from DutchCrafters, you'll sit in comfort and historic style.

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