The Shaker Bed Style Blossoms

The Shakers themselves were known for their inventiveness, outstanding craftsmanship, industriousness, and spirituality. These qualities are evident in each Shaker bed produced. The Shaker style, over many years of refinement and improvement, has come to be characterized by its clean, elegant lines and its intense focus on functionality. These underlying qualities of Shaker design have given inspiration to some of the finest modern designers of furniture.

Bringing Balance to Your Bedroom

Relying heavily on the beauty of simplicity, Shaker beds are warm, humble, and inviting! Each Shaker bed is designed to bring balance and harmony to the bedroom and exhibits a strong emphasis on durability and functionality. Shaker furniture, due to its charm and practicality, has become one of the most popular and enduring furniture styles among the general public, and Shaker beds have become the most popular single item!

Shaker Beds

Held to the Highest Standards of Craftsmanship

Amish craftsmen are perhaps the most respected and renowned woodworkers in the world. These craftsmen believe their work is a reflection of their spirituality, and you can expect the outmost care and integrity put into every Shaker bed. Amish craftsmen are best recognized for their understanding of wood grain, in relation to both the structural integrity of the piece, and in the overall beauty of the piece.

Additionally, all Shaker beds are inspected multiple times throughout the build-process to ensure no material of workmanship related defects reach completion.

An investment You’ll Sleep Well On

Each Shaker bed we carry on DutchCrafters is considered to be of heirloom quality. This means it is built with such structural integrity, and features such high-quality materials that it will remain with your family for generations!

But that’s not all, each Shaker bed is a true America product, guaranteed! Don’t send your money overseas. Cheap, mass produced foreign furniture is not an investment!

An investment in a Shaker bed is an investment in a product that will endure years of use! An investment in your family’s future! And, an investment in America!

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