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Bring the rustic outdoors into your life and home with this amazing collection of handcrafted rustic log furniture. Our extensive assortment of outdoors-themed furniture will help you to design the coziest, simplest room in your dream home, cabin, or office.
What is it about the striking style of rustic log furniture that attracts the most complex personalities? The most independent designers? When we discovered that individuals with tastes as unique as their interests unite around this popular design, we just had to build a one of a kind collection of furniture. At long last, the Rustic Log Cabin Furniture Collection is here - and if exclusive is what you're looking for, then it's just right for you!
Maybe you're an avid hunter or an outdoor enthusiast with a zest for the organic. Or you might just love the Rustic Log Cabin Furniture Collection of American made Amish handcrafted furniture for its individualism. Either way, you'll love surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature in this collection.

Our talented Amish woodworkers hand select each piece of wood in this furniture collection with an eye toward custom design. Your final piece is a singular, heirloom quality design built for your home alone. Let its live edges and weathered surfaces serve as inspiration for the rest of your home. 

American Made Rustic Log Dining Room Table Amish Rustic Hickory Log Kitchen Island Bar


Get To Know Our Rustic Wood Types

Building rustic log cabin furniture is a talent that requires unique skill sets and woodworking techniques. It is also one that offers a great sense of pride for our Amish woodworkers. These talents begin when a father hands down a craft to his son, which has been part of the family tradition for generations. These unique skills offer a way to turn natural live edge trees into beautiful pieces of heirloom quality furniture. This style of furniture is a product that is popular for its natural beauty, allowing us to feel at one with nature.

But, before the construction process is even started, the first step is choosing the type of wood used for your custom log furniture. We offer a great selection of stunning wood types to match your personal style, each with its own set of characteristics making it more unique than the next.

Take a minute to get familiar with these wood types. Each one has a history and a story to tell that explains its origins and the reason for every curve or unique feature.


Aspen wood is a light-colored and even-grained wood that is abundant across the great lakes and supports much of the logging industry in that area. It’s a popular choice for furniture building and you'll find that it doesn't splinter as it wears, and resists splitting from nailing and screwing. This means that you will be enjoying your custom log furniture for decades without having to worry about replacing it after just a couple of years. The durability of this wood is evident right away when you see any finished piece of custom Aspen log furniture from this stunning collection.

Also, the natural knots and twists in the logs make Aspen wood a favorite among our Amish woodworkers and customers. Aspen is one of the main wood types in our Rustic Log Cabin Furniture Collection, and one that you will be glad you chose for your custom log furniture.

Amish Rustic Aspen Log Cabin Bed


Red Cedar

Red Cedar is another favorite amongst our customers with its own unique characteristics that include being a natural deterrent of termites and decay due to the natural preservatives contained inside its core. It is also able to withstand substantial moisture and is a very strong, but light weight, wood that is a popular choice for rustic log furniture makers.

This unique wood actually comes from two different tree species. The Western Red Cedar tree grows mainly in the northwestern United States, and is known for its appealing scent and reddish hues. The Eastern Red Cedar tree is a tall and sturdy evergreen that can withstand the harshest winters.

American Rustic Red Cedar Log Cabin Dresser with Mirror


Rustic Pine

Pine is a fairly soft wood that has fine grains and is often used in country-style log furniture. With multiple variations that are very similar in coloration, pine is a consistent woodworking material that is great for matching and staining pieces in the same set. Similar to cedar, the main difference is that pine usually has less knots and color variations. 

Amish Rustic Pine Log Furniture Hutch



Hickory is a very strong and flexible hardwood that is harvested between October and April in order to keep the bark intact, giving complete control of the finished product, and ensuring the highest quality for your furniture. In addition to the quality, this method of harvesting is also responsible and environmentally sustainable.

Hickory saplings grow very quick and are harvested from the wood worker's personal forest ensuring that they stay healthy and new growth is constant. The Hickory style is a bit different from that of the rest of these wood types offering a diverse selection of furniture to choose from.

Amish Rustic Hickory Log Cabin Rocker


Custom Gun Cabinets

Pair one of our handcrafted, solid wood gun cabinets with your rustic log furniture and complete the look and feel of your home, cabin, or office. With our variety of custom options you can design an attractive display piece and secure storage area for your gun collection and firearm supplies that will perfectly tie together the theme of your room.

With a variety of styles and designs to choose from, our selection of American made gun cabinets offers plenty of furnishing options for your gun storage and home decor needs.

We build our solid wood gun cabinets to order for each customers unique needs. Whether it's a small 6-gun capacity cabinet, a corner cabinet with rotating gun carousel, or a large wall-sized gun cabinet that can hold 20 rifles and shotguns, we'll customize your gun storage to meet your exact style preferences and firearms storage needs.
Take a deep breath of fresh air and invite the warm, rustic comfort of log furniture and solid wood gun cabinets into your home with the Rustic Log Cabin Furniture Collection.

Amish Handcrafted Rustic Log Cabin Gun Cabinet


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