Our solid oak furniture at DutchCrafters is made by the Amish

At DutchCrafters, we've been offering premium solid oak furniture since 2003 - made by the Amish, made in America.  Of all the solid oak furniture we have offer, our most popular is our oak dining room furniture.

Oak tables are an heirloom treasure

Our oak tables are something special.  They are wholesome, hearty, strong and durable.  The strength and durability of oak wood undeniable speaks to the heart of the American spirit.  Oak grain is substantive and consistent - its flecks offer a look of permanence.  And because oak is priced less than cherry or maple, it is our most popular choice in wood type of all our furniture.

Dining room tables are special.  They are where families gather to give thanks, to find nourishment, to tell stories, and to spend time together.  Memories are made around dining room tables.  Why not make your table a special one?  Our oak tables are made by hand with integrity, honesty, authenticity.  The Amish craftsmen that build them and finish them do so as a labor of love - resulting in American heirloom solid oak furniture that will last for generations.

Oak Tables & Trestle Tables

Oak trestle tables and oak farm tables are great options

Our trestle tables are uniquely well-suited to oak wood.  Oak trestle tables go great in a family-oriented environment.  Their style reminds one of a rustic, pioneering spirit.  Oak trestle tables are perfect for a rustic or country decor, but also are very versatile and can blend in nicely with a more contemporary style too.

Oak farm tables are highly popular amongst our customers as well.  Oak farm tables can be finished in a wide variety of stains or paints to give them a high degree of adaptability in decor.  Oak farm tables are fun, family-friendly tables that are sturdy and long-lasting.  When oak farm tables are also made by the Amish in America, they are really something special.

Whether you're looking for oak farm tables, oak trestle tables or any other style of oak tables, give us a call to speak with a helpful and knowledgeable Amish furniture specialist who can answer your questions, help you with customization, or assist you in placing your order.  All of our solid oak furniture is made to last, and because you can place your order with just 30% down, our solid oak furniture is also easy to purchase!


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