How to play the classic game aggravation 1


how to play the classic game aggravation 2


How to play aggravation, the classic wooden board game!



Here's a Text version of the directions:


The objective of Aggravation is to be the first one to move all of your marbles around the board, from your BASE space to your HOME Row.


All players select the marble color he/she would like to be 2) Place the marbles in the BASE holes to his/her right 3) Roll to see who goes first (Highest number goes first!) 4) Proceed to play in a clockwise direction


When it is your turn, roll one of the dice! The number that appears on the die is the number of spaces you move on the board. If a six (6) is rolled then that player can take another roll.


The only time when a player is allowed to move his/her marble from the BASE space is when he/she rolls a one (1) or a six (6). When a player rolls a one (1), that player may move his/her marble from BASE and then his/her turn is finished. When a player rolls a six (6), that player may move his/her marble form BASE and then roll again. When a player rolls a one (1) or a six (6), that player has the option of moving from BASE OR he/she can move another marble the number of spaces that appearS on the die. When exiting the BASE area, place the marble on the bottom left corner of the game board or in the colored space of your color.

When a player moves and lands on a space that is occupied by another player, that player is then sent back to its BASE and the new player occupies the space.  A player cannot be aggravated if his/her marble is either on a HOME Row or BASE space.
When a marble moves one rotation around the board, it goes into the HOME Row in front of where that player is sitting. In the HOME Row, a marble is safe from being aggravated.  Only that player is allowed in his/her HOME Row. In HOME Row a player CANNOT jump a marble that is already in the HOME Row. When entering HOME Row, a player must move the number of spaces that is prompted by the die. If the marble cannot move the exact number on the die without jumping his/her own marble, the player is not allowed to enter HOME Row. Once a player has all of his/her marbles in HOME Row the game is over and that player WINS!
A player may take a shortcut around the board if one of his/her marbles lands on an inside corner of the board after moving the EXACT number of spaces that is prompted by the die.  On the player's next turn, he/she may then only move on the inside corners until he/she reaches the final inside corner. Then, he/she can move on the normal path into his/her HOME Row.


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