How to Clean Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture is a sustainable investment for both the environment and your home. Proper care and maintenance will help protect your bamboo furniture investment for decades. Follow these simple tips to keep your bamboo beautiful and practical for years to come.

Where to Keep Bamboo Furniture

As much as you may love a chair near a window, keep your bamboo furniture away from sunlight and heat sources. The UV rays from the sun can cause premature aging of the material. Feel free to open the  blinds from time to time, but be wary of everyday exposure 
Direct heat sources also pose a potential threat to your new bamboo furniture. Both the adhesives and material in the furniture can degrade with constant, direct heat. Wood stoves, heat vents, fireplaces, furnaces and the like can shorten your furniture's lifespan. Lessen the risk to your furniture by keeping it away from direct heat. 
Keeping your furniture in a shaded, cool, and dry area increases its longevity.

How to Protect Bamboo Furniture from Everyday Stress

We crafted your bamboo furniture for an excellent everyday experience.  Here are a few easy tips to help to maintain its magnificence day to day. With practice these tips can extend the life of your bamboo furniture:
  1. Remember to use coasters or pads to prevent moisture, weight and temperature change damage. The last thing you want is a coffee cup ring stamped on your new bamboo nightstand
  2. Avoid dragging or sliding items across the surface of your new furniture. Get in the habit of picking up the items you keep on your furniture to clean beneath them. 
Speaking of that …

How to Deep-Clean Bamboo Furniture 

Everyday cleaning: Dust your bamboo furniture with a soft cloth or duster. From time to time, wipe it down with a combination of mild detergent and water. 
Heavier Cleaning: Start with a mix of detergent and water. Use a soft bristle brush – like a toothbrush – soaked in the mix to help you clean surfaces and crevices. 
Dampen a cloth with the same mix for larger surfaces. Wring your cloth out, wipe down the furniture, and then follow with a dry cloth. The idea is to keep moisture from settling into the bamboo while still getting it clean.
Branded furniture cleaner is okay to use, but be careful.  Avoid any cleaner with abrasives, acids, or oil. This kind of ingredient may have a reaction with the bamboo or with the bamboo construction agents (like sealant). 

Make Your Bamboo Furniture A Lasting Investment

We know that your bamboo furniture is an investment.  Following the simple steps above helps you lock in the value of that investment for years to come.  
As a bonus, you'll keep the luster and integrity of the construction intact for decades to come. 

10/16/2018 2:45:32 PM