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The Ultimate Guide to Amish Bed Styles

Mission Style Beds

Mission Style Beds

A style that dates back to the late 19th Century, Mission furniture has a unique look that allows easy incorporation into a wide variety of different decor. Following a strict form, Mission furniture emphasizes simple, clean lines (both vertical and horizontal) and flat panels throughout, naturally showcasing the grain patterns in the hardwood. Most of our Mission style Amish made beds will feature vertical slats in the head and foot boards, along with raised panels and matching corbels that result in a simple, classic feel that will remain a favorite for many generations to come.

Often referred to as Arts and Crafts Furniture, the simple Mission become popular during the late 1800's and early 1900's - during the Arts and Crafted Movement. During this time, people were searching for relief from mass produced furniture and found a new love in simple, handcrafted furniture that they could incorporate into any room with ease.

Traditionally crafted from solid Oak and Quartersawn White Oak, the unique grain patterns of these two woods are uninhibited by ornate carvings and over-emphasized designs and provide a natural warmth and authentic statement when presented with a stained finish. The quality construction of each bed offers a lifetime of service and will provide a large presence as the centerpiece to any bedroom suite.

Louis Philippe Style Beds and Sleigh Beds

Louis Philippe Style Beds

Named after French leader Louis Philippe, this classic furniture style takes its influence from features in Renaissance, Gothic, Louis XIII, and Louis XV styled pieces, with a strong emphasis on functionality and regal beauty. Crafted with smooth, flowing lines and an overall somber presence, the Louis Philippe style often lent itself to the bourgeois class seeking an affluent feel with overall utility for their homes at the time.

Usually crafted with a traditional sleigh or panel design, every Louis Philippe bed exhibits similar gracious curves and subtle lines that are unquestionable to the era. In a modern setting, the elegance and quality of an authentically handcrafted Louis Philippe bed will make for a beautiful centerpiece that is sure to set the stage for the rest of your suite. Add the matching case pieces for a warm, luxurious, and relaxing retreat.

Shaker Style Beds

Shaker Style Beds

Simple, yet refined, the Shaker style of furniture craft emphasizes utility in design, rather that unnecessary details and unusable additions. Named after the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing - commonly referred to as Shakers - this form of furniture craft dates back to the late 1700's, when the Shaker group of English emigrants arrived in New York. Similar to their way of life, Shaker furniture is plain and simple - crafted from practicality, without the need to include designs or features that do not contribute to the overall function of the furniture. This results in a style the showcases clean edges, straight lines, uniform flat panels, and a feel of overall solid construction.

The simple style of a Shaker bed allows versatility and inclusion into any decor. From classic to contemporary, there aren't too many rules that will limit the use of a Shaker style bed.

Commonly crafted from Maple, Cherry, or Walnut, Shaker furniture often features straight legs and large, flat panels that will showcase the natural grain patterns of the hardwood and promote a general sense of warmth and comfort for your suite. The natural hardwood details also offer a touch of elegance that is subtle enough to add to the overall appearance of any decor, without taking away from the other pieces in the collection.

French Country and Chabby Chic Beds

French Country Style Beds

A style derived from a long history of regional design, French Country furniture beautifully combines relaxing comfort with refined taste, providing chic decor for any room in the home. Demonstrating the perfect "country" look, each piece is typically crafted with Cherry, Oak, or Walnut, then painted a light color with a glazed finish. The result is a style that is sure to give any room a ton of charm.

When incorporating this unique look into your bedroom suite, it's important to start with a stunning bed to serve as the backdrop and focal point of the entire space. Characteristically fashioned with a larger, bold design - often adorned with fabric panels on the headboards - and finished with a white or cream colors paint that is eased on the edges, worn through, and finished with a quality glazed for just the right look. A true antique look in a brand new bed - giving you the perfect place to rest your head every night and inspire that warm, rustic chic feel throughout your entire bedroom suite.

Rustic Log Beds and Cabin Beds

Rustic Log Beds

A unique style that dates back to the mid-to-late 1800's, Rustic furniture often uses saplings, twigs, and logs to create a natural look that allows you to bring the outdoors into any room in your home. Associated with both the Great Depression and the wealthy cabin owners, Rustic furniture is versatile and praised for its Earthy feel and genuine, outdoorsy appeal.

Rustic furniture typically features bentwood or twig work that is seamlessly incorporated with hardwood panels to create anything from tables and chairs, to beds and armoires. Twigs and saplings are usually Hickory wood - a hard wood that can be steam-bent to fit certain shapes - offering a solid piece that is constructed to stand the test of time.

When brought into a bedroom suite, the rustic style - and a rustic bed in particular - provides warmth and comfort unlike any other style of furniture. Crafted with many features reminiscent of classic Mission and Shaker furniture, such as simple slats and flat panels, these versatile beds can be incorporated into an array of different decor. Straight from a children's story book, or a Wild West novel, a properly built rustic bed will provide decades of comfort and take center-stage in your relaxing bedroom retreat.

Contemporary and Modern Beds

Contemporary Beds

Until the mid-1900's, most furniture featured ornate design that served little to no functional purpose for the piece. Around the 1950's, furniture design began to lose its elaborate designs in favor or simple, versatile looks that still adhere to the general concepts of classic Mission and Shaker style furniture.

Crafted from a variety of different hardwoods, contemporary furniture often emphasizes simple, clean lines that allow for inclusion and into almost any decor. Interesting, ergonomic angles and sleek lines have allowed contemporary furniture to remain popular for decades and most styles are still popular today, after half a century.

When searching for a contemporary bed for a bedroom suite, be sure to consider the platform bed. One of the more popular styles to come from this furniture genre, the platform bed features a simple headboard and platform base - sometimes providing extra drawers and storage. These beds will serve as a beautiful, modern, and fundamental centerpiece that can kick-start your bedroom into becoming the perfect, urban-inspired suite.

Colonial Style Beds and Early American Beds

Colonial And Traditional Style Beds

The Colonial style dates back to the mid 1600's, when Early American settlers came to the new world seeking a fresh start. With them, they brought a European influence that would help sculpt furniture design in the United States for the next 200 years. Composed of Traditional, Queen Anne, and Chippendale furniture, Colonial pieces often feature ornate designs that represent the turning point for Americans - a honed focus on the finer touches of comfort and style.

Traditionally crafted in Oak, Cherry, or Maple, with a darker finish, an Early American bed will provide the antique warmth and elegance your traditional bedroom suite needs. Often crafted with decorative details - through turned posts, claw and ball feet, cannon ball posts, molding and trim, etc. - each bed will have a unique and sophisticated presence that will set the stage for your entire suite.

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