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Nothing says luxury and romance like Bourbon France.

Rarefied timelessness, captured by contemporary Artisans. Our Versailles Collection is handcrafted using hand-selected, natural, renewable, and sustainable resources. With this Collection we recreate history for the present; carefully constructing what we consider not only furniture but works of art. 

Versailles and its glory fell to the shadow of an industrial revolution that wiped away the joy and awe that people of the past could immerse themselves in. We hope to bring a piece of that artful creation back to life here and now in the third millennium. Take your home to the next level with our Versailles Collection, and help us pay homage to those that came before - in an eco-friendly way


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We are planting a new tree right here in America for every order placed. Click to learn more.
11/27/2022 7:01:06 AM