A Wide Range of Cherry Furniture, Handcrafted in America

Because of its beauty, cherry is one of the hardwoods that is traditionally associated with the very best in Amish craftsmanship. The warm hue and delicate grain of the wood makes cherry furniture a beautiful addition to your home.

We offer a wide range of cherry furniture to complement any room, from cherry beds and cherry tables to cabinets, chairs and bookcases. The excellent craftsmanship of our Amish woodworkers ensures your new piece of cherry furniture will be enjoyed for years to come.

Customize Your Cherry Furniture to Match your Décor

After you find the perfect cherry tables or cherry bedroom furniture in our extensive collection, you can choose from our wide range of stains and finishes to truly make your cherry furniture unique. If you’re having trouble deciding, there’s no need to worry. We’ll send you finish samples to help make the decision easier. If you’ve already decided on the finish, the sample will ensure it matches your existing furniture and décor.

Because our cherry furniture is made by hand in Amish woodworking shops, we can also often offer you a range of other options for customization. For example, you might choose to add extensions to your cherry tables so that you have extra space for unexpected guests. You might choose cabinet handles that best match your existing cherry bedroom furniture. Some of our cherry bookcases can even be crafted with doors.

Cherry Beds & Cherry Furniture                            Cherry Tables & Cherry Bedroom Furniture

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

We are proud of our Amish craftsmen and woodshops. They have been carefully selected for their commitment to quality. That is why some of our products will be under warranty for over 20 years. Our sales associates are always happy to speak with you and answer any questions or queries you might have about our policies or products.

If you would like some help in choosing the perfect set of cherry bedroom furniture, need advice on customization options for our cherry tables, or would like to learn more more about Amish furniture and DutchCrafters, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

More About Cherry Wood Furniture

There is nothing quite like cherry wood, which has been used for centuries in fine furniture.

Noted for the beauty of its irregular, straight grain and its soft reddish brown color, cherry furniture is elegant and tasteful.  Like a good wine or a warm fireplace on a cold winter's night, lustrous cherry wood furniture is one of the finer things in life.

Cherry is often used in classic American furniture styles such as Shaker or Mission furniture.  It is often used in more elegant styles as well, such as Queen Anne furniture.

Cherry wood finishes nicely.  Stain often brings out the irregularities within the grain, which is part of the natural beauty of cherry wood furniture.  Typically cherry furniture is finished with a natural or dark stain.  A natural stain tends to bring out the soft red tones, while a dark stain lends itself to a deeper, more elegant look.  It should be noted that cherry wood naturally darkens over time, which makes it very difficult to match stains on new and old woods.  Cherry furniture also darkens when exposed to sunlight, which is why it is typically wrapped in black plastic as it sits in our Amish wood shops, and often will arrive at your door in the same black plastic.

Cherry wood typically features small gum pockets.  While some people see these as imperfections in the wood, others recognize that these pockets add to the unique beauty and character that is only found in natural fibers.  The Amish craftsmen who build our solid cherry wood furniture at DutchCrafters typically select wood that has a minimum frequency of pockets, then fill the pockets with a resin as is typically done with cherry wood furniture.  This leaves the distinct characteristic of the pockets visible in the furniture, but makes so that they feel smooth to the touch - blending in nicely with the wood.  Some of our wood shops offer a premium grade of cherry wood without the pockets, but this is generally at a considerable up-charge.

Cherry is an excellent hardwood for furniture.  It is light, stiff and moderately hard.  It offers excellent resistance and is therefore often used in floors as well.  Many of our customers have chosen cherry wood for dining room tables and chairs.  Cherry accent tables are very popular in living rooms.  Our cherry bedroom sets are also extremely popular.


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