Poly Lumber Perfection

The perfect material for outdoor furniture has been found in poly lumber. Poly lumber, also known as poly furniture, resin furniture or poly lumber, is a popular pick for outdoor furniture collections. Why? The list of poly perks is lengthy with all of them contributing to saving you time and money while giving a hug to the environment.

From Landfill to Luxury

Eco-friendly poly lumber is made from recycled plastics. For every 100 pounds of poly lumber produced, 1,000 milk jugs or detergent bottles are used, keeping them from piling up in landfills. HDPE, or High Density Poly Ethylene, is the raw material derived from milk jugs and detergent bottles. This recycled, exceptionally durable plastic goes through a decontamination and cleansing process, then gets mixed with foaming compounds and UV inhibited pigment systems, and is finally pressed into board shapes to be used for fine outdoor furniture.

Irresistibly Resistant

The durable nature of poly lumber furniture brings with it a bevy of benefits.

Maintenance Free

Your weekend time will be yours to enjoy with low-maintenance poly lumber. The only upkeep poly lumber furniture needs is the occasional cleaning with soap and water. This eco-friendly furniture saves you time since you don’t have to be concerned about re-painting, treating or cleaning mildew from your outdoor sets.

Colorful & Stylish

Poly lumber furniture is designed to look like wood furniture and is heavy and dense, creating stable outdoor furniture that won’t get carried away by strong wind. With poly lumber it’s your pick from a variety of exciting sizes, styles and colors. The color is true throughout each piece of outdoor furniture, never showing dings or scratches. A UV protective agent helps guard your poly lumber furniture against fading, keeping colors bold and vibrant year after year.

The Bottom Line

Poly lumber outdoor furniture saves you time and money. You can spend less time maintaining your outdoor furniture collection and more time enjoying it for years to come. Beautiful, durable, environmentally friendly and custom made makes poly lumber the perfect outdoor furniture for every home.

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