About Us

At Eco Friendly Digs, our goal is to help educate and encourage people to want to achieve a lower carbon footprint by providing products that contribute to sustainable environments in their homes and businesses.

Our Partners and Materials

We provide sustainable products with different degrees of sustainability. We intentionally select partners with green certifications, sustainable materials, sustainable production methods, and ethics. All our vendors are committed to plant-conscious practices at different levels and price points. Sustainability is a journey that all of us can contribute to step-by-step.

Commitment to Our Customers

Along with offering a wide selection of sustainable products, our vision is to provide an exceptional customer experience and take the satisfaction of our customers seriously. Please send us your feedback to improve our service.

A Multi-brand Company

Eco Friendly Digs is an online store owned by JMX Brands which was founded in 2003. JMX Brands operates distinct niche-market online stores, all of which support the company’s values of authenticity, creativity, giving, excellence, and sustainability. To learn more about JMX Brands please visit www.jmxbrands.com or our sister store that sells Amish furniture, www.dutchcrafters.com.

One Order = One Tree Planted
We are planting a new tree right here in America for every order placed. Click to learn more.
6/8/2023 8:09:01 AM