A New York City State of Mind - Four Ways to Choose Your New Apartment Furniture

A New York State of Mind:

4 Ways to Choose Your New Apartment * Furniture


When you’re picking out Amish furniture for your new apartment -- whether it’s a big move to a big city like New York City or Boston, or just hitting refresh on your current urban surroundings -- start with your style in mind. You may think that a small space means less room for quality furniture you love, but we’ve got some Amish furniture that doubles as small space solutions and a four step plan to make sure that your kind of flair fits right in to your new floor plan!

*You don’t need an apartment to need the right size furniture for less square-footage! Empty-nesters and other downsizers, even those looking to outfit a guest house can benefit from these steps to choosing the right solid wood furniture for a smaller space!

Handcrafted Urban Apartment Sofa

1.     Small Measures.  

Use a tape measure to map out your floor plan, and then measure areas where you plan to put your key pieces of furniture. For example, if you want to put a Murphy Bed along a particular wall in your apartment, measure the length of the wall, so you'll know exactly how long your Murphy Bed can be without overlapping other bedroom furniture along that wall. Unfamiliar with Murphy Beds? Also known as a wall bed, it's an excellent choice for the notoriously small Big Apple bedrooms, or even studios – the bed folds right into the wall, and some options include a bed with a built-in desk! All of our Amish furniture, like Murphy Beds, includes dimensions right in the descriptions, so you’ll never have to worry “Will it fit?!”  Make sure to measure your doorways as well! It's best to know ahead of time whether or not a new piece of apartment furniture – whether it’s a bed with built-in storage or a space-saving desk - will even fit through your doorway.

Amish Vertical Wall Murphy Bed for Apartment

2.     Big Decisions. 

You’re going to want to decide on a Amish furniture style for your new urban abode pretty quickly – with less space to house all of your furniture, you’ll need to make sure that what does go into your apartment goes together! The clean lines of urban apartment furniture will mimic your city’s skyscrapers, while more classic furniture, like a small Mission desk or a Shaker TV Stand, won’t clutter your new place or clash with more eclectic, personal items that you just know you’ll need. Those pieces – the hot pink cat clock, the Van Gogh print, the framed picture of your family at the Statue of Liberty - those are the standouts. Stick with timeless design Amish bedroom furniture and Amish home office furniture for your major pieces, and let your personal story or favorite one-of-a-kind items be the stars!

Urban Entertainment Center for ApartmentAmish Manhattan Desk



3.     Double Down.

Just about everything in a new, smaller space – be it an brownstone in Brooklyn, a townhouse in Tribeca, a guest house at your upstate residence or a spare room in your rambling ranch – should serve more than one function. Contempoary entertainment center with bookshelves? Check. Amish bed with storage? Check. If you plan on having a home office, how about a desk made for Manhattan (to quickly stow your chaotic paperwork)? Check, check, check.

Look for “with storage” in most of your new apartment furniture, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit in, under, and around commonly solid furniture – if it’s got extra shelves, drawers, or other nooks and crannies, it’s pretty much for you!

Amish Urban Apartment Writing Desk

4.     Think Again.

You’ve always had or always dreamed of a king-sized bed . . . but a maybe a queen or twin Murphy Bed will suit you and leave plenty of room for a nightstand by the window? You love your desktop computer, but maybe it will fit just fine on a corner laptop desk with room to spare for pint-sized filing cabinet (you can’t keep everything in piles forever, you know)?  And you just can’t wait to entertain at your new place, but maybe a loveseat with matching lounge chairs speaks to your space needs and your social ones. Consider small changes to typically large items in order to maximize your square-footage.

Big lives in the big city don’t require big changes to your furniture style or your personal style – just keep a little foresight, some helpful tips, and a firm grip on that tape measure, and you can fit all of you into just about anywhere!


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