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Sustainable Chicken Coops

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Sustainable Chicken Coop

At Eco Friendly Digs we aim to provide sustainable and eco-friendly products that are made with high-quality so that they will last for generations. Our variety of chicken coops are no exception. With a variety to choose from and optional features, there is a chicken coop to please everyone. 
We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs. Whether you are looking to have a backyard chicken coop that only holds a few chickens so your family can enjoy fresh eggs daily or a large coop that will accommodate a flock of chickens, we have chicken coops for everyone!
In addition to the size of your chicken coop, it is good to consider if you want a stationary or a mobile chicken coop. A mobile chicken coop gives you the flexibility to move your backyard chicken coop whenever you please.
Features that you will find when looking through our Sustainable Chicken Coop collection will make caring for your chickens easier include:
  • Wagon Wheels for easy mobility
  • Pull-Out Tray for easy cleanup
  • Wire-Enclosed Run
  • Shingle Option
  • Choice of Color
  • Easy Access Egg Collection Box
  • Chicken Door and Ramp
  • Inside Roost
  • Predator-Resistant Wire Mesh
  • Glass Window

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