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The kitchen and dining room are essential to your house. It is where you cook and eat, but it is also the central meeting and seating place for family and friends. Explore and shop our bamboo dining table collection and our selection of mid-century modern styles with round or extension options! Enjoy furniture shopping with a positive impact!

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How to Furnish a Dining Room? What Furniture Is Usually in a Dining Room?

Dining rooms host a table, chairs, buffet, hutch, or sideboard. Start with the dining table, the central gathering spot for meals or celebrations with friends or family. With a modern or rustic look, our tables are available in varied sizes and materials to meet your needs, but all are environmentally friendly!

Which Dining Table Is Best, Round or Rectangular? What Shape Dining Table Saves the Most Space?

Round tables can be perfect for saving space. There are no corners, and they typically have a smaller surface area. Rectangular tables are great for fitting more people, an ideal option for large gatherings. Suitable for small spaces and large, extension tables allow more seating to enjoy your guests when needed without sacrificing space. After selecting the best shape for you, you can consider a durable and sustainable material for your dining table, such as solid wood or bamboo.

Then, you will need to shop for a dining chair for your dining table! Enjoy a variety of materials, colors, and styles, such as stools, benches, or classic chairs with or without arms. Most chairs are handcrafted in 100% natural bamboo or solid wood. Then we suggest storage with a buffet, sideboard, or hutch - functional as a storage solution and a place for decorations. 

Do the Kitchen Table and Chairs Need to Match?

That depends on your preference; you can match with dining room sets, mix and match, coordinate style and color, or just mix it to look unique.

Do I need to spend a lot on dining room furniture?

Consider long-term value when selecting furniture for your dining room. Quality and durability are responsible investments for your home. We select durable and robust materials, so your furniture will last for years to come. 

Is a Solid Wood Dining Table Worth It?

Solid wood is considered one of the most durable materials to use with long durability. We offer tables in oak and maple, which are both extremely strong. Solid wood is resistant to damage, can be refinished to look brand new, and requires minimal maintenance.

Is Bamboo Wood Good for a Dining Table?

Bamboo is an excellent material for constructing furniture. Bamboo is harder and stronger than most hardwoods.  Bamboo is also a responsible choice, because of its fast growth and ability to regenerate so it is easily replenished. Environmentally friendly bamboo helps support forests and ecosystems worldwide!

Which Kitchen Accessories Are Best for Your Home?

At, we offer a selection of high-quality and sustainable products. 

We also provide decor such wine and bourbon décor made from old barrels.

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