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Solid Bamboo Cutting Boards

A kitchen is a place where we get to be creative and make delicious savory meals for family and friends. Just about every dish requires cutting and prepping ingredients regardless if you are vegan, vegetarian or a carnivore. Regardless of the type of countertop you have, it is important to preserve and protect them from the day to day wear. 

A Solid Bamboo Cutting Board is a great way to help you protect your countertops while providing you with a solid surface to cut all your fresh ingredients!

Features of Our Solid Bamboo Cutting Boards:
  • Minimum 1" Thickness
  • Carbonized - Gives cutting boards a dark rich brown color.
  • Food Safe Finish - Natural Organic Oil
  • Grain Options: End Grain, Edge Grain, Strand Woven
  • Juice Groove Around Perimeter
How To Care For Your Solid Bamboo Cutting Board:
  • Everyday Use Care: Simply handwash with warm water and mild soap. Rinse and dry immediately.
  • Monthly Maintenance Care: Refresh your bamboo cutting board with mineral oil. Wipe with oil, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes then wipe it off.
  • Not Dishwasher Safe: It is not recommended to place your Solid Bamboo Cutting Board in a dishwasher due to heat.

Bamboo is a highly renewable resource and one of the fastest growing plants on Earth! Our Bamboo Cutting Boards are a great eco-friendly and sustainable choice for your everyday kitchen prepping needs.

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