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Bamboo Beds

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Benefits of Bamboo Beds

Natural Beauty

Create the centerpiece to your dream suite with one of our beautiful and versatile sustainable Bamboo Beds. Our Bamboo Beds natural, warm and rich tones are welcoming to the human eye. With an eco-friendly Bamboo Bed, you will be able to enhance the style of your bedroom. Our sustainably sourced Bamboo Beds are as durable as they are stylish.


All of our Bamboo Beds are crafted from pieces of bamboo harvested by hand. With each bamboo plant used in the production of our environmentally friendly Bamboo Beds, another bamboo plant begins to grow and mature in 5 years or less. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing natural resources in the world! Regarding the manufacturing process, the clear cutting timber harvesting method is never used in the production of any of our Bamboo Beds.


Each Bamboo Bed we have is 100% harder than beds made from oak. Remember, when you decide to purchase one of our sustainable Bamboo Beds, you are getting a bed that's environmentally friendly as well as more resilient than beds made from other materials.



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